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Are You Volleyball?!

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What is “Are You Volleyball?!” about?


Children play a key role in the structure of the film, and with their innocent thoughts, behaviors, dialogues, and playful performances, they mock the boundaries of politics.


In this film, the sport of volleyball serves as a common language for people who do not share a spoken language, and it becomes a catalyst for the resolution of conflicts between the adult human characters.


Ultimately, the inherent peacefulness of human nature is highlighted in this film, demonstrating how small, unintentional, and childlike efforts can establish and maintain peace.

“Are You Volleyball?!” tells the story of some asylum seekers who reach the border of another country and struggle with border guards to get into the new country.

The border soldiers and the asylum seekers are angry with each other. Then a deaf-mute child starts a game with a ball, and suddenly the child’s game transforms the barbed wire of the border into a volleyball net and…

Why everyone should watch?

In a world increasingly divided, one short film emerges as a universal call for empathy, unity, and human dignity. This cinematic masterpiece transcends borders, cultures, and languages to speak directly to the shared experiences that bind us all.

From the heart-wrenching struggles of the marginalized to the hard-won triumph of the human spirit, this profound work of art illuminates the common humanity within each of us. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and forever changed as you witness a story that will reverberate across the globe.

Now is the time for this essential viewing experience. As we face unprecedented challenges, this film offers a path forward – one paved with compassion, justice, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the motion picture that the entire world must witness. This is cinema at its most transformative, a testament to the power of storytelling to unite us all.

This is the film the world needs to watch now

Are You Volleyball?!
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With sepcial gratitude to all the crew, cast, and contributors of the film, without whom the making of this great film would have been impossible. They have been duly acknowledged in the end credits of the film.

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Are You Volleyball?!

Befor You Watch The Film!

This 15-minute short film was created in 2017 with the intent of conveying a deep, humanistic concept within its brief runtime. The film has been warmly received by many upstanding individuals who have viewed it in the roles of friend, colleague, juror, and audience member. They have consistently expressed enjoyment from watching it, often laughing and crying along with the content.

In 2024, we are launching the film’s first-ever public online premiere through the official website and YouTube, providing an opportunity for people worldwide to experience it.

Therefore, we kindly request that you help us share the website link or YouTube video link, so we can more widely disseminate the film’s message to audiences everywhere.

This film is dedicated to:

  • All the innocent children of the world
  • All the honorable athletes who have pursued sports in the service of peace
  • All the tireless champions of global peace
  • And to the late, beloved Maradona

Are You VolleyBall?!

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